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VIBRATO- Afro Midi Drum

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Afro music production with the 'Vibrato' package. This curated collection includes 20 authentic patterns, 20 rhythmic drum loops, and over 150 MIDI samples tailored for Afro producers. Unleash the richness of Afro beats and infuse your compositions with genuine flavor using the diverse elements within 'Vibrato.

BPM Included | 100 % Royalty free | Compatible With All DAWS

You will get a RAR (93MB) file


Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Afro music with the vibrant rhythms of "Vibrato." This carefully curated package offers 20 authentic patterns, each accompanied by 20 rhythmic drum loops that capture the essence of Afro beats. With over 150 MIDI drum files (kick, snare, perc, hi hat, open hat...), "Vibrato" provides a rich tapestry of sounds for Afro music producers to weave into their compositions. Elevate your productions with genuine flavor and rhythmic richness, making "Vibrato" the go-to collection for creating Afro-infused masterpieces that resonate with authenticity.


Watch the video if you want to know some of the contents of this pack.

(See the part about "VIBRATO" pack).