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WHISPERS +100 guitar midi kit

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Introducing "Whispers" - Your Ultimate Music Production Toolkit!

Unleash your creativity with "Whispers," a meticulously crafted package of 80 mesmerizing MIDI guitar files, 20 enchanting MIDI flute files, and 20 captivating loops. With a total of 120 samples at your fingertips, this versatile collection empowers you to effortlessly craft hip-hop, trap, afro, and more.

Elevate your music production game and bring your tracks to life with the mystical melodies and rhythms of "Whispers." Unlock your musical potential today!

Key & BPM Included | 100 % Royalty free | Compatible With All DAWS

You will get a RAR (368MB) file


Unleash the emotional power of 'Whispers' by pbswave. With 120 samples, this MIDI masterpiece invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of music. Craft soul-stirring hip-hop, trap, and more, as every note becomes an expression of your deepest emotions. Elevate your artistry, create music that speaks to the heart, and embark on a transformative journey that only 'Whispers' can provide.

'Whispers' is more than a toolkit; it's the canvas for your soul's expression. Purchase today and create music that resonates with the world. Your music, your emotions, your legacy.


Watch the video if you want to know some of the contents of this pack.